What Clients Are Saying

Jennifer, Lawyer on March 10, 2015 - 5/5 Star Rating on Thumbtack

Jen's coaching has helped me in both my personal and professional life. She's coached me through experiences in life ranging from job interviews to relationships. I was able to approach each experience in a way that I could not have done on my own, and I ended up learning new skills that I can use to deal with similar situations in the future. Her coaching has been invaluable -- at this point I cannot imagine my life without it.

      Shannon, Director of Recruiting on January 13, 2015 - 5/5 Star Rating on Thumbtack

    I worked with Jen multiple times with regard to some major life goals and changes I was working toward. She has a very refreshing way of looking at the world and easily utilizes that in her approach to coaching. She is attentive, energetic and and insightful. Her inspiration has accompanied me in my life ever since.

Laurie, Artist in June 2013
I realize I have a choice.  I do believe I have a choice and the tools to get there".  Jennifer is very attentive and I felt comfortable telling her the truth.  
I got clarity on what I need to do next to get out of limbo and be in the position to have a joyful life."

Anna, Non-Profit Volunteer Coordinator in April 2013
You have a coaching gift.

Kristin F., In Transition - January 2012
I gained valuable insight into details of my life that I very regularly dismissed as unimportant. I was able to take some of these details and relate them (for the first time) to my life as it operates today…and translate them into a more current version of the truth. What came after was a profound peace that I encountered through acceptance and forgiveness. I was able to start trusting myself in our sessions and tell myself that reality was an ok place to be. Now I can look at that without a filter and make clear and thoughtful decisions on how to move forward. 

Glen J. , Business Coach / Business Broker / Business Keynote & Motivational Speaker on September 14, 2012
Jennifer's intuitive skill set is awesome. She can change people and situations with a single expression of her keen insight. I know. I've been on receiving end. We received some coaching training together in several small workshops over a month or two. We're both active members of the Colorado chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF). I enjoy working with her immensely and you will too!

Rachelle F., Senior Engineer on February 7, 2012
Jennifer is amazing at organizing and helping to develop plans both in a personal and professional aspect. Jennifer held a number of coaching sessions for me and provided a great deal of insight. I would recommend Jennifer for any coaching/consultant tasks!

Lori H., Senior Recruiter on January 10, 2012
I worked one on one with Jennifer as a client of hers in her coaching practice. She is insightful, smart and professional and was more than able to help me realize some very big goals for myself. Working with her has helped me both personally and professionally and I would definitely be excited to continue our coaching sessions in the future!